July 2014 Preparing Your Company for a Sale
October 2012 What to Expect When Selling
May 2012 Selling Your Company: How to Secure the Highest Price
February 2012 The Renaissance of Automotive Manufacturing in America
January 2012 Why Buy a Company in India?
March 2010 Where Did All the Deals Go?
March 2010 Never Waste a Good Crisis

October 2008 Crisis and Opportunity Part I - Ponzi Schemes

October 2008 Crisis and Opportunity Part II - Opportunity, the Business Builders
October 2008 The M&A Process - Moving from Strategy to Implementation
November 2007 Unfolding Megatrends in the Factory/Process Manufacturing Space
November 2007 Interview with Klaus Reimenschneider
November 2007 Austria as a Business Location
November 2007 The UK Credit Crunch and Its Effect on Mid-Market M&A
July 2007 Dollar Myths
July 2007 How to Address the Rising Costs of Raw Materials
July 2007 Formulating an Acquisition Strategy
July 2007 Interview with Hartmut Bloch, Founder of Aktiv Sensor, GmbH
March 2007 The North American Automotive Industry in Interesting Times
March 2007 The New European Invasion
March 2007 Italy: Primer on Company Taxes
March 2007 Finding the Perfect Partner Part Three
November 2006 Finding the Perfect Partner – Part Two
November 2006 International Mergers and Acquisitions: Practical Tips
November 2006 Italian Companies’ Hidden Champions
August 2006 Finding the Perfect Partner – Part One
August 2006 Special Projects in China
August 2006 Why Germany is Ripe for Investment
August 2006 Are You Giving Away the Store?


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